Durable, Ultra-lightweight, Waterproof Tile Backer Board

GoBoard® is an ultra-lightweight yet durable, waterproof alternative to cement and other heavy tile backer boards. GoBoard helps you to complete the job faster and more cost effectively.

We carry 4’x8′ GoBoard in 1/2″ thickness

  • 1/4″ for floors and countertops

  • 1/2″ for walls, showers, ceilings and floors
  • 5/8″ for walls, showers, ceilings and floors
  • 1″, 1 1/2″ and 2″ for walls, benches, shelves, tub surrounds, vanities and countertops

Fast installation*

Complete shower tile projects in half the time or less:
• Install GoBoard with GoBoard® Sealant, take a break and tile the same day.
• Grout the next day and the job is done

GoBoard is up to 80% lighter than cement boards, yet engineered and rigorously tested for strength and durability:

• GoBoard is easy to transport, from pick-up to installation. One person can carry multiple boards at a time.
• GoBoard is also easy to maneuver and position for fastening, saving time.

GoBoard is easy to cut, handle and install:

• GoBoard can be cut right where it’s installed without crumbling or disintegrating, virtually eliminating the mess from cutting cement and other heavy boards. A simple score with a utility knife and a snap of the board is easy and fast.
• Simply attach with GoBoard® Fasteners, GoBoard® Washers, backer board screws, or roofing nails.

GoBoard has waterproofing built-in:

Seal only the board joints and fastener locations for a waterproof tile assembly.**
• With built-in waterproofing, GoBoard saves an average of $5 in material costs.*** The chart to the right compares average material cost differences to achieve a waterproof installation.
• GoBoard also saves time and effort as the installer does not have to coat or install a waterproof membrane over the entire board

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