Current Tile Trends for your Home Remodel

Current Tile Trends for your Home Remodel

At PCC Tile, we see hundreds of kitchen and bath remodels, so let us help you with yours. New wall tile, floor tile, or back-splash kitchen tiles will drastically enhance any space. Thus, with the combination of our in-stock and special order selection- you can create endless remodel designs. Our large selection ensures limitless room transformations. In addition to our selection, our knowledgeable staff and large showroom makes it easy to create a design and buy tile all in one place!

Get some tile remodel ideas and see what tiles we have for sale below!

Modern Inspired Tile Remodels

Modern Inspired Tile Remodels

Modern remodels in Southwest Florida are gaining popularity, reflecting a shift toward sleek designs and functional spaces. As new homeowners are seeking simplicity and sophistication, favoring the minimalist, yet bold look offered by modern designs.

Thus, in shower remodels, opt for a pristine, light, polished wall tile – the larger the better. Then pair it with a geometrical and structural shower floor such as polished marble hexagons or sleek pebble floor mosaic. Likewise, a modern kitchen back splash should follow the same guidelines – simple and sleek. Use a one-toned ceramic, glass, or porcelain wall tile with an interesting shape, such as elongated hexagons, pickets, or narrow rectangles, to create a dynamic yet lush look.

Get The Look Using These Tiles

  • Concrete Look Porcelain tile 12×24, 24×24 or 24×48

  • Glossy Monochromatic Backsplash Tile

  • Polished 12×24 or 24×48 Marble Wall Tile

Coastal Inspired Tile Remodels

  • White Stone and Glass Mosaic

Coastal Inspired Tile Remodels

The Coastal look is one that comes natural to homes in Southwest Florida. The Coastal aesthetic involves light and airy colors with a touch of fun. Therefore in tile remodels, homeowners aim to replace old, dull tile with more vibrant and ocean-like tiles and mosaics.

Including tiles such as sea-inspired glass, weathered wood-look porcelain, and natural pebble mosaics that mimic those coastal textures and colors. For example, in showers, consider soft blue or teal subway tile for the walls paired with a neutral pebble flooring. And in your back splash area try to include these same color schemes and varying textures with either a glass mosaic mixed with stone or a more simpler blue or tan themed subway tile. Overall, the coastal color palettes of soft blues, greens, and sandy neutrals complete the beachy vibe.

Get The Look Using These Tiles

  • Neutral and Weathered Wood-look Porcelain Plank Tile
  • Blue Themed Wall Tile

  • Natural Pebble Stone Mosaics

Mediterranean Inspired Tile Remodels

Modern Inspired Tile Remodels

Mediterranean styled homes encapsulate the warmth and charm reminiscent of the coastal regions bordering the Mediterranean Sea. Thus, this design trend emphasizes a fusion of influences from Southern Europe, showcasing a timeless and inviting aesthetic with dynamic shapes and patterns. Furthermore, tiles and fixtures play a crucial role in achieving the distinctive Mediterranean look, with warm stone-like square tiles, paired with intricate mosaic patterns, and ornate porcelain tiles evoking the traditional craftsmanship found in the architecture of countries like Italy and Spain.

Get The Look Using These Tiles

  • Large Format Stone-Look Tile 12×24, 24×24 or 24×48
  • Patterned Porcelain tile 6×6 or 8×8

  • Polished, Tumbled, or Honed Marble Mosaics

Modern Tile Aesthetic

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Coastal Tile Aesthetic

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Mediterranean Aesthetic

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Carenza bianco polished 12×24
Aspen gris wood-look 8×24
Black tear drop marble mosaic 12×12
harlequin white wall tile 4×8
Panda white polished 24×48
Grey and White stone hex mosaic 12×12
artico white matte 12×24
mud light green glossy 3×12
craft light greige wood-look 8×48
roxy turquoise wall tile 4×16
origin blue matte 12×24
black lantern marble mosaic 12×12
slate gold 12×24
gemini black patterned tile 6×6



At PCC Tile we offer all the tile you need to complete your renovation at a good price. We locally sell affordable and discounted porcelain, ceramic, stone and marble. As our extensive selection includes a variety of styles and finishes to suit diverse tastes, whether you’re aiming for a Modern, Coastal, or Mediterranean look. Furthermore, we pride ourselves on providing quality tiles for sale that not only enhance the visual appeal of your space but also offer durability and longevity, ensuring your renovation stands the test of time. Explore our collections today to discover the perfect tiles for your project, all at unbeatable prices and quality. Come Visit Our Store Today!

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