DPU: Self-Leveling Compound up to 11⁄2” Per Single Pour

A self leveling compound of Calcium–Aluminate cement, sand, and proprietary chemicals used to smooth and finish rough interior concrete or wood floors where a fast set is desired within hours. May be applied up to 11⁄2” in a single application. Mixes with water, initial set 3-5 hours, self–healing during flowing and working time, light weight and superior strength.


  • Ready to mix product
  • May be poured up to 1 1/2″ in a single application
  • Eliminates the need for Grinding and Troweling
  • Reduced Weight and Superior Strength
Pour Depth1/4″1/2″1″1 1/2″
Yields (Sq.ft.)241264

Coverage will vary based on pour thickness, values are per 50 lb. bag. For primer, coverage will vary based on the substrate.


All surfaces must be primed with PROFLEX DPU Primer prior to installing. The primer must be dry to the touch before applying. Allow the primer to dry for a minimum of 3 hours and a maximum of 48 hours. The primer dilution or modification will depend on the nature of the substrate. Substrate primer dilution with water as follows:

  1. Concrete Dilute primer 1:2 350 sq. ft.
  2. Porous, Absorbent Surfaces (self-leveling, porous concrete) Apply the primer in 2 coats. Dilute the first coat 1:3 and the second coat 1:1 Allow the primer to dry between coats 300 sq. ft. 1st ct 400 sq. ft. 2nd ct
  3. Terrazzo, Ceramic Tile, Burnished Concrete Dilute primer 1:1, and add 2-4 lbs of the DPU powder to create a slurry coat to scrub into the surface 300 sq. ft.
  4. Wood Dilute primer 1:5 400 sq. ft.
  5. VCT / Non-Cushioned Sheet Vinyl Dilute primer 1:1 and add 2-4 lbs. of DPU powder to create a slurry coat to scrub into the surface 300 sq. ft.