Setting Materials Stocked at PCC Tile

At PCC tile our commitment to aiding in your tiling project goes beyond supplying quality tile- That is why we offer a wide array of setting materials and grout supplies to help you finish any job. Furthermore, we carry only the most respected brands in the tile industry and stand by all of our products knowing that your project will hold the test of time. Including: Proflex, TEC, DensSheild, GoBoard, and Troxell,


Grout is one of the most important elements in a tile job. That’s why in both of our Cape Coral and Fort Myers locations we stock and sell the TEC Accucolor Grout available in multiple finishes and a large selection of colors. Finishes include: Sanded, Un-sanded and a special sanded Power grout which comes with a premixed sealer additive.

Our grout is available in a spectrum of colors, allowing you to choose the perfect shade to complement or contrast with your selected tiles. Beyond the aesthetics our grout is also highly durable, color-consistent and smooth. Overall, making it perfect for walls, floors, wet, exterior, interior, and highly trafficked areas.

Tips for Application

For floor applications or areas with a joint size ranging from 1/8 to 1/2 inch, we recommend using TEC Sanded, ensuring optimal performance and longevity. Any area with a smaller joint of a 1/32 to 1/16 inch is recommend to use TEC Unsanded to ensure flexibility and no cracking. Additionally, the Power grout is uniquely formulated with a dense and sealer enhanced base that makes it stain resistant and provides a guarantee of no efflorescence on floors and walls.

Sanded Tec Accucolor: Product Info

Unsanded Tec Accucolor: Product info

Power Grout Tec Accucolor: Product Info


We also stock TEC color matched Siliconized Caulk, to match perfectly to any TEC grout selection. Available in sanded and unsanded.


We carry various types of thinset for any tiling scenario- pools, tile over tile, indoor, outdoor, floor, and wall applications. Available from both Proflex and Tec


Building a shower? Shower wall backer board is a crucial step in tile installation as it provides a stable and moisture-resistant surface, ensuring a clean and strong base for a tiled shower. Thus, we offer multiple different types of material that will aid in this process. We offer the traditional Cement Durock Board which is a dense, water-durable compacted cement sheet. Additionally, we also offer a more lightweight option that provides the same waterproofing benefits with ease. GoBoard and DensSheild are both proprietary coated fiber glass mats made for tile installations of walls, showers, and ceilings. In addition to their lightweight- it is easy to cut with a standard utility knife with no crumbling or disintegrating.

Floor Mud

Floor mud is used to build up or slope the surface you plan on tiling- typically used in shower pans. At PCC we offer Tec Unmodified Floor Mud and Proflex Cement Base

Clips and Wedges

PCC also offers various clip and wedge systems to ensure a flat, and even tiled surface from different brands depending on your personal preference. Available in sizes from 1/8th- 1/32nd providing a consistent sized grout joint. Carrying Troxell, Tuscan, Forpac, and Barbosa


Once you decide what materials you need to do the job your also going to need reliable tools to lay down and secure the product. We have every product you’ll need! Trowels, grout floats, buckets, spacers, sponges, screws, fasteners, mixers, scrapers, blades. and more!

In addition to the convenience of finding everything you need under one roof, our commitment to excellence extends to our customer service. If you have any questions or need assistance in choosing the right setting materials for your project, our knowledgeable team is ready to help. Visit for more!