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About us

PCC was founded in 1985, and proudly celebrates this year our 31st Anniversary. We owe our success to our many loyal customers, suppliers and employees, for which we are thankful and we appreciate it.

PCC is the source for it's own trademark, the well recognized Watercolors line of ceramic, stone, porcelain and glass products, and of many other unique products made by some of the best factories and brands from around the world.

PCC sells its unique product line throughout the USA, and also exports select products to other countries. For our great Sample Program, go to our Online Catalog page

For more information about our products and locations, please use the Online Catalog page, or use our powerful Online Product Search on the bottom left of our Web Home Page, or contact us at our number or E-mail listed in the locations page of this site.

Thank you for your business and confidence!